Saturday, November 1, 2008


My idea is to follow the outline from the Broken Bride album from Ludo. It goes as follows:
  1. Part I: Broken Bride - A man's wife is killed in a tragic car accident in 1989. He spends the next 15 years trying to build a time machine to go back and prevent her from dieing. The machine fails, sending him back to prehistoric time where he is driven into a cave by pterodactyls.
  2. Save Our City - In the far distance future, a city is under attack by evil forces. The mayor makes a feeble attempt to defend before giving up hope and committing suicide.
  3. Part II: Tonight's the Night - Back in prehistoric time, the man decides to brave the dinosaurs and make another attempt to return to 1989 and save his wife.
  4. Part III: The Lamb and the Dragon - The machine fails again, and the man to cast into the far future where the city is under siege by evil forces. To save them, the man travels back to prehistoric times and brings back the pterodactyls to help in the battle, saving the city. As his reward, he is sent back to 1989 to be allowed to say goodbye to his wife, which he realizes he cannot save.
  5. Part IV: Morning in May - The man finds himself back on the day his wife dies. He spends the morning with her, and when she goes to leave, he decides to join her.
I'd like to keep true to the album, but obviously there is a lot of room to fill in pieces and characters. This should be interesting!

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